Founded in 2006, Oricane is the provider of the BioCAM® family of algorithm-based solutions for accelerating classification and forwarding of Internet traffic, addressing the future performance requirements for the next generation networking equipment.

We are currently working together with leading fabless semiconductor vendors to bring future proof embedded and stand-alone Network Search Engines (NSEs) to the market, embracing the rapid development in Software Defined Networks (SDNs) and Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) thereby driving the acceleration of number of connected devices – The Internet of Things – throughout the 21st century.

More specifically, Oricane’s energy efficient algorithmic search technology when adapted to purpose built networking silicon is scalable to address the requirements of very large table sizes, at up to 400G line rates, including IPv6 support, at a fraction of the power consumption of traditional implementations.

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Oricane was founded 2006 by Dr. Mikael Sundström after more than 11 years of computer science research in algorithmic engineering, with focus on time and space efficient algorithms for packet classification and forwarding, two methods for handling Internet traffic in network equipment such as routers and firewalls. 1993 Dr. Sundström started his research within the area in order to develop algorithms with guaranteed fast search performance and guaranteed low memory usage, features that many in the industry thought was impossible to combine.

Dr. Sundström succeeded and in 2007 published a doctoral thesis with the title Time and space efficient algorithms for packet classification and forwarding and filed the first 6 patents for his research. Today Oricane has been recognized as a global leader in this technical area and core technology is protected by 14 awarded patents.